Survival Of The Fittest

The strong were bound to be victorious and the weak to perish – Charles Darwin.

What makes our human race great is the fact that we have inherited successful traits to evolve ourself. We have weathered many storms and so far we are successful in our voyage of evolution. In nature there is no pity for the lesser creatures, when they are destroyed so that the fittest may survive (Adolf Hitler). Hitler’s entire concept of the Aryan master race was based on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Though Hitler’s disciples were not fluent in English, thus they never read Darwin in English. But Ernst Haeckel who was one of the most devoted Darwin’s disciples in Germany influenced Hitler and his leadership.

‘Natural Selection’ is what Darwin called his principle of preservation which was simple yet powerful : Individuals best adapted to their environments are more likely to survive and reproduce. In the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, we saw England as the largest empire, but within a generation was a memory. We also saw Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) also reffered to as the Soviet Union dissolving in 1991. Countries having the features to survive a storm – survived, whereas others were selected out.

Anna Saikdon

In February 2020, an eight year old child died of old age. Since birth, Anna Saikdon was diagnosed with an extremely rare Progeria disease. In this particular disease one year equals to eight to ten years. So Anna’s biological age was about 80. May her soul through the Mercy of God, rest in peace.

One, out of many things which I learned from Anna is that our world is changing very fast and to keep the pace we need to be flexible and adapt faster. Though, due to the nature of the disease, Anna was helpless but what about others. Some people are so threatened with the idea of change that they completely deny it’s existence. Change is the law of nature, the earlier we accept this fact, the better for us.

We have evolved from a muscles era to an advanced technical era. Our life expectancy which was 26 years in the bronze and Iron Age has increased to 70 years. From walking to riding animals we have advanced to space shuttles. From morse codes we came to i- phones and i-pads. From radio to televison to Netflix. From printing presses to e- books. The world of today is much advanced from the world in which I was born and to survive our collision with tomorrow I firmly believe only “THE FITTEST CAN SURVIVE”.

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