Decisions and Faith

Once one Hodja was boasting about the power of his faith.

“If your faith is so strong, then pray for that mountain to come to you,” said a skeptic, pointing to a mountain in the distance.

The Hodja prayed fervently, but the mountain did not move. He prayed more, but the mountain remained unmoved.

Finally, the Hodja got up from his knees and began walking toward the mountain. “I am a humble man,” he said, “and my faith is a practical one. If the mountain will not come to the Hodja, then the Hodja will go to the mountain.”

We don’t have to wait for our mountain to come to us. We have to take a decision and make our move to the mountain. Amid COVID-19 lockdown, when asked by their landlord to vacate their room and with no source of income and an injured father, the 15-year-old, class eight student, Jyoti Kumari with whatever they had, decided to buy a cycle. Once she bought the cycle with her injured father riding pillion, she pedalled for seven days covering 1200km to finally reach her home.

Jyoti Kumari cycling with her injured father Mohan

Getting knocked down is easy but to get up and to fight again is our decision. In his book Principles, Ray Dalio said it right, “Time is like a river that will take you forward into encounters with reality that will require you to make decisions. You can’t stop the movement down this river, and you can’t avoid the encounters. You can only approach these encounters in the best way possible.”

Sometimes cutting a leg to save a life is the only choice we might have but for that also decision has to be made and if not made in time not only we will lose a leg but a whole life. We are the CEO of our life and sometimes to be successful we have to paddle 1200km to reach our destination.

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