Who Is Listening?

You have played by the rules. Did what everyone else did and delivered what was expected out of you. Despite all your moves to play safe, specially at this hour of pandemic, you found yourself to be a nobody or in plain words – Invisible. An invisible person to whom no-one is lending his ears and you ended up where you started and remained unheard and a nobody.

During my school days I remember, trying out your uniqueness was a way straight to principal’s office. So, what we did? Like the Owl whose night bound eyes can’t unveil the mystery of light, we did what was expected out of us and  like every duck quacking we also started to quack and quacked we all did in harmony. Alas!!! By remaining in the good books of our teachers, quacking and by doing nothing special we remained nothing but invisible.

Growing up, playing on the field, sailing and delivering goods across continents – I learned. However, the lessons learned was not in Sync with what was taught in the school. I learned that you don’t have to defy gravity but uniqueness of buoyancy and a bit of courage is all is needed to get the job done. I learned that playing it safe is not at all safe but the utmost risk we can take in our life is by playing safe. Ships are safest in a port but that’s not what ships are built for.

The British explorer George Mallory, who died exploring Mt. Everest was once asked why he waned to climb it and he simply replied, “Because, it’s there.” Yes Corona Virus is out there but this pandemic when everyone else is playing out safe, gives you more chance to standout and to be remarkable. Here is your chance to navigate through the clutter and come out with your uniqueness. A uniqueness that makes you – YOU.

Everyone out there is waiting to hear your uniqueness. But remember not a quack from quackers but a unique ROAR that can be heard miles and miles away. A wise man once said, “Journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step.” Here’s your chance to take that step…..

“Let us also produce some bold act of our own—and join the ranks of the most emulated.”

—Seneca, Moral Letters, 98.13b

Published by Harsh Pandey

A shapeless Pigmy searching for his own awakening. Otherwise, I am a master mariner, commanding merchant ships on international voyages.

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