The Dog That Didn’t Bark

“Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Officers A and Z joined our ship and during their sign-on meeting both promised to deliver the best they could during their tenure. Their tenure completed fast and in the end, for officer A the day never came what he initially promised, the work he promised remained nowhere but inside of him and he signed off empty. On the opposite end, officer Z kept his promises and delivered what he initially promised. Both officers had good Intentions when they joined but in the run – to act and deliver is a different story altogether.

Luckily, on being asked about the secret ingredients of his par performance, officer Z revealed the following two secrets :

A) Being Watched – Officer Z always used to carry the photograph of the person he loves the most – his MOTHER. Whatever he does he does keeping in mind that his mother is always watching him. With his mother by his side and as an observer the officer delivered nothing but his best.

B) Being Curious – Officer Z was also found to be always curious which he learned from his toddler. This curiosity of his, helped him to explore new ideas and in the process helped him to grow and learn. Like Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Ways can be many but walking the walk and delivering our best is not everyone’s cup of tea. When promises are made we define ourselves seeing our good intentions, forgetting that the vital component of success is not intentions but ACTION. And as we progress we forget to weed out our own garden and the work we promised remains nowhere but inside of us and then with our lame excuse we are ready to hold others accountable for our failures.

One wise man once said, “The richest place in the world is the graveyard.” Because it’s a place buried with all good intentions and dreams that were not acted upon. Don’t take your good intentions to your graveyard. Dig through the rubble and get your gold.

Comfort and greatness can’t be pursued at the same time. Ways can be many but the time to act is now. Some is not a number and Soon is not a time, so not someday and not some time but NOW. After all it’s your promises, your dreams and your good intentions. It’s your fight and it’s your duty to make it right.

Published by Harsh Pandey

A shapeless Pigmy searching for his own awakening. Otherwise, I am a master mariner, commanding merchant ships on international voyages.

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