Preparation to Win is a Prerequisite to Win

Few days back when I was playing a game of chess with my wife, I found myself in a salvation position. At the start I was not on the verge of death but as the game progressed my condition got worse. Like an alcoholic who wants another drink no matter what the consequences, I jumped from one desperate move to another and fired every shot I could but still I fell. I thought I was playing rationally but my moves indicated the opposite. The game lasted for less than an hour but it made me wonder why at times when we should keep our calm we tend to lose it more? Why when we should behave rationally we behave irrationally?

Going ahead I must say that I am not alone is this mad race of irrationalism. Jan 2007, Washington post ran a social experiment in which they asked one of the best violinists in the world, Joshua Bell to play as an incognito busker at a metro station in Washington D.C. Having agreed, Bell played for about 45 minutes, in which he played some of the best he could but to his surprise out of 1097 people that passed by only 7 actually stopped and listened to any length of time. 7 out of 1097 is not even 1% that behaved rationally the day Bell played.

Though it was painful for me to be in a game where every move was draining me out mentally but it was a game of success too. A game which on reflection taught me the benefits of slowing down. Many times instead of firing all the shots we have got, just by taking a few deep breaths might take us on a totally different course. Bird’s eye view might help us to see everything from the top but sometimes what is required is a worm’s eye view which will help us to deal with one problem at a time.

Rome was not built in a day, goes the saying. Preparing my base from irrationalism to rationalism will take some time but I am ready to invest in it. Preparation to Win is indeed a prerequisite to win. What about you? Are you willing to invest?

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