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Step by Step – Ferociously

“Do you think Oz could give me courage?” asked the Cowardly Lion.“Just as easily as he could give me brains,” said the Scarecrow.“Or give me a heart”, said the Tin Woodsman.“Or send me back to Kansas,” said Dorothy. “Then, if you don’t mind, I’ll go with you,” said the Lion, “for my life is simplyContinue reading “Step by Step – Ferociously”

Team Productivity : Horses Vs Goats

Recently we faced a critical situation onboard for which an immediate answer was required. A meeting was called looking for all possible answers and we did find the required answer. However, on reflection I noticed that every time, when I am looking for answers the inputs given are only from the vital few. Doesn’t matterContinue reading “Team Productivity : Horses Vs Goats”

Preparation to Win is a Prerequisite to Win

Few days back when I was playing a game of chess with my wife, I found myself in a salvation position. At the start I was not on the verge of death but as the game progressed my condition got worse. Like an alcoholic who wants another drink no matter what the consequences, I jumpedContinue reading “Preparation to Win is a Prerequisite to Win”

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