From a Pawn to a Queen

Few years back after joining a ship I found my first mate was not delivering what was expected out of him. Back then, I was of the opinion that if you are sitting next to an emergency exit you are required to perform certain duties and if you can’t deliver what is required then thanContinue reading “From a Pawn to a Queen”

“HEY!!! It’s not my fault…..”

Incident 1: Exxon Valdez oil disaster. 24th March, 1989, supertanker Exxon Valdez after getting struck in a reef spilled million litres of crude oil into the pristine waters of Alaska. Let’s hear the blame game from each end. Exxon blamed:Capt. Joseph Hazelwood for the incident – 10 hours after the incident his blood alcohol registeredContinue reading ““HEY!!! It’s not my fault…..””