The Dog That Didn’t Bark

“Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them” – Oliver Wendell Holmes. Officers A and Z joined our ship and during their sign-on meeting both promised to deliver the best they could during their tenure. Their tenure completed fast and in the end, for officer A the day neverContinue reading “The Dog That Didn’t Bark”

Freedom or Banana : Choice is Yours

“Before you attempt to set things right, make sure you see things right.” – Blaine Lee Pardoe Vessel was enroute from Port Said, Egypt to Izmir, Turkey when it encountered some engine troubles. Engineers called up the bridge to stop the vessel and vessel was stopped – adrift in the East Mediterranean Sea. Berthing windowContinue reading “Freedom or Banana : Choice is Yours”


Two boys were raised by an alcoholic father. One grew up to be an alcoholic and when asked what happened he said “I watched my father.” The other grew up and never drank in his life. When he was asked what happened he said, “I watched my father”. Two boys, same dad but different perspective.Continue reading “Perspective”

The Artist Who Hears Colour

For every ailment under the sun. There is a remedy, or there is none. If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it. – Mother Goose Rhymes. Neil Harbisson is an artist from Britain who was born completely colour blind. His black and white life changed when he decidedContinue reading “The Artist Who Hears Colour”

“HEY!!! It’s not my fault…..”

Incident 1: Exxon Valdez oil disaster. 24th March, 1989, supertanker Exxon Valdez after getting struck in a reef spilled million litres of crude oil into the pristine waters of Alaska. Let’s hear the blame game from each end. Exxon blamed:Capt. Joseph Hazelwood for the incident – 10 hours after the incident his blood alcohol registeredContinue reading ““HEY!!! It’s not my fault…..””

To Errrrrrrrr Is To Human

Few days back our ship called Haifa port in Israel and as per Israeli regulations, prior entering 100 nautical miles from their coast line, a mandatory reporting to Israeli Navy was required. As our ship is on a regular call to Israeli ports and having done the reporting before – I knew what was requiredContinue reading “To Errrrrrrrr Is To Human”

Regression to the Mean

Few weeks back with the assistance of a marine pilot when our vessel was berthing a port, twice our vessel passed close to a buoy first and then to the break water. If you would have been in my place and after two close encounters what feedback you would have given to the marine pilotContinue reading “Regression to the Mean”

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn – The Monkey Way of Peeling a Banana.

Few days back in our ship’s gym when I was busy with my shoulder press exercise, one of my crew approached me and showed his interest in joining my daily routine. Happy to see a newbie I asked him to do a warm up session first and then as it was a shoulder day forContinue reading “Learn, Unlearn & Relearn – The Monkey Way of Peeling a Banana.”

Layoff Or Payoff???

In his memoir ‘White House Years’, former secretary of state Henry Kissinger discussed the Sham Option Technique where the President Richard Nixon was given three options with two options being illusory and only one plausible choice: “Here was the standard bureaucratic device of leaving the decision maker with only one real option, which for easyContinue reading “Layoff Or Payoff???”

In Search of Incompetence – Profit before Trust.

As we enter the month of June – 2020, where millions of people across the world are struggling with their fight against Corona Virus, I came across a mail in which the management of a shipping company decided to recognise their employee efforts by offering them a one-time bonus of 10 dollars. Even a TurkeyContinue reading “In Search of Incompetence – Profit before Trust.”